The main idea behind Digital Patterns

The main idea behind Digital Patterns – this blog and the Twitter profile @digitalpatternz – is to collect researches and data and develop theories around the process of digital transformation. And have some fun in doing so.

I found this concept well summarized in a blog post by Horace Dediu that you can find here.

At a basic (micro) level, the process of theory building is something we do instinctively. We observe patterns, make statements that A causes B and carry on with the theory as an assumption. The challenge is more on a macro level. Few theories are built rigorously about the causes of success or failure of business systems. This includes understanding why large, powerful firms fail when confronted with small, weak competitors. Why, how and when industries disappear. How resources are allocated and how priorities are set. It’s as if individuals behave with far more intuitive insight than firms.

The intersection between business and digital creates chaotic and unpredictable processes, and it’s hard to find some sense and order.

And this is why I add post-geometric art to each post.


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