Digital Maturity drives revenues and profitability, Capgemini & MIT research says

A study conducted by Capgemini and MIT in 2013 found that companies on the leading edge of digital transformation have significant competitive advantage.

According to their research that gathered surveys from 469 senior executives in 391 large companies around the world, digital innovators are on average 26% more profitable than their peers.


The research also draws a map of Digital Maturity across different industries. Digital transformation is moving more rapidly where companies were hit early by threats from digital competition, and have already undergone profound transformation,for example in the travel and music industries. Industries such as financial services and retail underwent major transformation due to electronic commerce in the 2000s, and are now starting to innovate with technologies such as social media, mobility and analytics.


The study is based on a Digital Maturity model that Capgemini and MIT developed in the study. They segmented all companies in 4 classes as a combination of two separate but related dimensions: digital intensity and transformation management intensity.


Complete report here: The Digital Advantage: How Digital Leaders Outperform their Peers in Every Industry.

[Art: Dan Holdsworth 180]


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