Digital consumer’s ADD means you need a multichannel strategy, by Nielsen

The Nielsen report The Digital Consumer is available online, see below.

These kind of “all-purpose” reports mix a lot of different data and info all together, but despite this confusion I think some of the findings are remarkable:

  • The new two screen minimum. It means that customers use two or more devices at the same time. For example, 84% of smartphone/tablet owners use their devices while watching TV, but only 15-20% are using the second screen for social interactions pertinent to the TV show. The rest are using the second screen for totally unrelated activities (shopping, reading emails..). To me this sounds like a huge evidence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD), it seems harder to keep their attention focused on a certain content.
  • Where we get social. Another interesting point is that mobile technology and multiple devices allow us to connect with friends, interests and brands in all possible contexts.

As a marketer, this means that acquiring customers on a large scale from one single channel with ads and content strategies has and will become more and more difficult.

[Art: Numen-For Use-studio, String Prototype Cube, 2013]


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