In the report Accelerating the digitization of business processes, McKinsey’s Shahar Markovitch summarizes the key success factors for developing digital processes that aims at a great customer experience.

My personal takeaways are:

  • The author doesn’t really make a clear distinction between digitizing the customer experience and/or the back end processes. Indeed, according to her examples, sometimes customer experience improvements can start from back-end process re-engineering. Similarly, cost cuts can be driven by new digital point of service. In the end it seems that digital is driving an integration between front and back end also from a strategic point of view. This sounds very interesting, as it seems that digitization can also drive a more open and transparent company.
  • Agile and human-centred design has become THE standard not only for software development for for process and service digitization in general. Lean and agile methodologies have become the standard for operation and process re-engineering.

[Art: Sara Morris, Black Beetle (Origami), 2008]